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Ceramic Coating with Best care
Ceramic Coating 
A Ceramic Protect can be added as an extra layer to protect your car. Scratch reducing polymerised invisible paint layer acts as a shield to reduce physical damage to your car and increase shield protection from liquids or solid environmental elements.
Clear Guard
Extra protection to your exterior
Damage caused by 
- Heavy rain dropping,
- Sea wind
- Weather minerals
- Animal and human impact like Squirrels climbing or bird droppings. 
With our service, your car exterior durability gonna be increased. Our well qualified technician can give an estimate and what's suitable for you.
We work tirelessly to exceed expectations on each call and we guarantee that we will work to the best. 
Clear Guard Paint Protection
We are a newly born vehicle paint protection service providers who are a inspiring family business with a success story.
Rather than being the Giants in the industry we provide close clients-based service and we treat any client as we are their only service providers.
We passionate about the work we do and we are happy to come to your premises and do a inspection and advise you on how to protect your Vehicle. We provide the following services or hybrid services. Please contact us or get a quote.
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