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Correct the incorrection
paint correction
What we do is just not "CUT and POLISH" service but a  technical machinery polishing and perfect grooming finish process.
Scratches you have given up to remove can be fixed and We can bring back your car from the contaminated marred look to the permanent or near perfect paint work. 
Please contact us for a quote or any advise. We are happy to help and give you a professional advise.
Correction for
  • Car Swirls
  • Light and medium surfaces
  • Mistaken paint spray
  • Accidental finger marks
  • Drizzles
  • Obscure marks
  • Many More ...
Clear Guard
choose correct correction with us
We are a newly born vehicle paint protection service providers who are a inspiring family business with a success story.
Rather than being the Giants in the industry we provide a close clients-based service and we treat any client as we are their only service providers.
We passionate about the work we do and we are happy to come to your premises and do a inspection and advise you on how to protect your Vehicle. Please contact us or get a quote. 
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